The Latin word pro to be translated for, or instep of, or on behalf of the Grand Master. An officer known only to the English system, and the title adopted for the first time in 1782, when, on the election of the Duke of Cambridge to the office of Grand Master, a regulation was adopted by the Grand Lodge of England, that whenever a Prince of the Blood accepted the office of Grand Master, he should be at liberty to nominate any peer of the realm to be the Acting Grand Master, and to this officer is now given the title of Pro Grantl Master. His collar, jewel, and authority are the same as those of a Grand Master, and in the case of a vacancy he actually assumes the office until the next annual election. The following Brethren have been Pro Grand Masters:

1782-1789 Earl of Effingham.

1790-l813 Earl of Moira

1834-1838 Lord Dundas.

l839-1840 Earl of Durham.

1841-1843 Earl of Zetlarld.

1874-1890 Earl of Carnarvon.

l891-l898 Earl of Lathom.

1898-1908 Earl Amherst.

1908 Lord Ampthill.

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